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We believe that it is important for you to understand the approach the London Kitchen Shop takes towards every single one of our kitchen projects. Here, you’ll find the answer to our most frequently asked questions.

Simple step-by-step guide:

1. Consultation
2. Design
3. Pre-fit survey (only if you are using our installation service)
4. Order
5. Delivery
6. Installation
7. Completed visit

How long does a typical kitchen installation take?

Installation times completely depend on the individual needs of the client and whether a dry fit or full installation is needed. The standard quoted time for most kitchen installations is one week, however this time is extended if the installation involves solid worktops and glass splash-backs.

With installations that include a solid worktop, we will complete a template by the end of the first week. Once the chosen company receives the worktop template, it then takes two weeks to manufacture the worktop. This timeframe applies to all of our partner companies.

Installations that include glass splash-backs have a template taken once the worktop has been installed. It usually takes a further two weeks for the manufacturing process to be completed, after which the installation can take place.

The above time scales are estimates, and accurate timeframes depend on the size and specifications of individual kitchens.

Who controls the kitchen project?

The designer of your new kitchen is fully responsible for the project from beginning to end, but does have help from the installation manager to ensure everything runs smoothly. Depending on the size of the project, you will usually only require one installer for the entire kitchen – however, we may assign other professionals if a particular project is quite large.

Will there be any home visits before the installation?

Yes – a pre-fit survey takes place before your kitchen is ordered in full to ensure that there are no errors and that your kitchen will fit perfectly. This visit is arranged by the installation manager at the convenience of the client.

What guarantees are on offer?

We always aim to help clients as much as we can once the installation process is complete and offer a two year guarantee on every London Kitchen Shop installation. All manufacturers have varying guarantees in place for individual products; information on these warranties and guarantees be provided at the design stage.

We’ve put together this page to help you discover exactly what the team at the London Kitchen Shop is capable of. We are extremely proud of our work and are excited to showcase some of our past kitchen projects.

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