Keller kitchens are the pinnacle of affordable, quality Dutch design. With 75 years’ experience behind them, the design team at Keller is able to make use of every inch of space available within their kitchens, with the client’s practical and aesthetic needs in mind at all times.

All Keller kitchens are built and manufactured in Roosendaal in the Netherlands and only the most skilled professionals are on hand to ensure each kitchen is the crafted with exceptional precision. This incredible attention to detail achieves exceptional results and demonstrates Keller’s exemplary workmanship. Every feature of a Keller kitchen is constructed with care – even the so-called ‘minor’ details, such as hinges and door runners, are just as important to Keller as the rest of the kitchen’s framework. Only the best materials are used when creating Keller kitchens to ensure that each door closes softly, each draw opens effortlessly and every worktop is luxuriously smooth yet demonstrably hard-wearing.

Designs of a superior quality

A rigorous quality control system has been put into place at Keller to ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is checked for quality and consistency. Only by putting these systems in place can we be confident in promising you the superiority in design that our customers deserve.

Each member of the Keller design team has their very own vision. Their dedication and creative outlook ensure that innovative ideas are combined to create some of the most beautiful and contemporary installations available in the UK. The ambience of any kitchen is something that Keller feels is extremely important in your home. Sleek, convenient and modern designs are, after all, important characteristics of a kitchen that radiates warmth and luxury.

Keller Kitchens only allows trusted specialist shops in the UK to retail its prestigious kitchens. This ensures professional advice is given to customers at all time and thorough installation is offered once the design process is complete. As a trusted partner of Keller, The London Kitchen Shop can supply you with expert recommendations and have a team of skilled and professional builders, architects and suppliers who guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.